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Engine Test

Test Connectors & the Engine Test Interface

Jackmark is a World leader in the design and manufacture of engine test connector systems.

Every functional test system is only as good as the integrity of it’s electrical test connectors. Without reliable connection there is no way to determine if the part is defective or if the test system requires maintenance.

Engine testing presents many unique and demanding problems when it comes to providing an electrical test interface. The demands of; the test environment, space constraints, ergonomics and cycle time all have to be considered when designing both the test connector and the test harness.

Our 25 years of wide ranging experience and proven track record in the field of engine hot and cold test connector systems is testimony to the robustness and reliability of our products.

In collaboration with our customers we have continually developed test connector and test harness systems resulting in unique and innovative solutions for a multitude of applications and environments.

After connection issues the biggest cause of failure of a test harness or test lead is cable / wire breakage. Jackmark has addressed this problem by producing our own cable management system which is both flexible and extremely robust. It utilizes a dual type strain relief system and is resistant to automotive fuels and coolants. We can also accommodate extremely high temperatures where necessary.

In the case of high density, ‘micro-pitch’, type connections, where the risk of damage to the connector pair has to be eliminated and the safety of the operator is paramount, Jackmark has a unique approach. Jackmark’s pneumatically operated “tile” connector, originally developed for vehicle harness testing, has been successfully used in several of our customers engine test facilities as a ‘zero insertion force’ test interface.

Whatever the test environment? Whatever your test strategy? Whether you require a single test lead or a complete test harness? Jackmark can guarantee the most robust and reliable solution on the market.

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