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Test Connector

(Vehicle Flying Lead / Engine Flying Lead)

Jackmark can meet your industrial and ergonomic demands and ensure a perfect electrical connection every time.

Jackmark’s test connectors are guaranteed for a minimum of 100,000 connections/disconnections.

Jackmark test connectors always guarantee secure and wear-less test interface of any unit under test. Connectors and contacts are never damaged during the connection / disconnection cycle. Contact is achieved with spring loaded test probes – usually of the screw-in type. Test currents ranging from micro-amps to hundreds of amps can be accommodated.

Jackmark’s test connectors are designed to meet specific customer requirements. For example; we can include switched sensors for part detection, we can colour code the connection to the operator, we can include LED indicators, we can include suspension points, and we can supply parking units to isolate the connector when it is not in use.

Jackmark can offer flying lead or panel mount solutions. We can provide individual connectors or complete connector systems.

We, along with our many customers believe that our test connectors are the most reliable and robust available.

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