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Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness Test

Jackmark test and build solutions for the wiring harness industry have been proven in use for over 25 years. Used by many of the major automotive wiring harness manufactures Jackmark products are cost effective, robust and easily maintained.

Experienced design employing FMEA* processes in conjunction with sprung test pins* (sometimes called pogo pins) enable Jackmark to provide guaranteed performance of 100,000+ cycles. Fully computerised production and delivery systems ensure rapid and reliable delivery to anywhere in the world.

Our dedicated and experienced team of engineers deal with each and every project from initial enquiry to on site commissioning if required. Jackmark product is uniquely identified by our part numbering system indelibly engraved enabling to every item for easy identification for ensuring additional requirements can be met speedily and effectively.

Jackmark is continually developing new and innovative solutions that exceeded market expectations. The result is a massive 35,000 different automotive connector interfaces that ensure test interfaces can be rapidly deployed to meet your specific needs.

Jackmark's philosophy to design and manufacture all critical components in house enables short design times complete control over quality and continued long term support of customers and product.

Test solutions for the wiring harness industry include:

Build fixtures

For use in the production of harnesses often on assembly lines where harnesses are built on a continuously moving conveyor line but equally suited to static assembly boards, build fixtures are precision machined to securely hold connector housings, grommets, moulded wire form assemblies, brackets and clips. Designed to accept the correct housing in the correct orientation build fixtures ensure the correct items are in the correct position on the harness and the harness and provide consistent working alignment to aid operators to ac-hive right first time assembly. Can also be fitted with pneumatic release for rapid damage free harness removal.

Manual Test parts

Smaller harness production efficiency may be achieved using smaller static production test boards. Jackmark produces a full range on manually operated test interfaces which can incorporate the full range of test features if required such as, push back* (where terminal to housing security is tested), detection of seals, testing for bungs (using our low cost vacuum system*), clips etc if required.

Test tables

Sometimes known as Ring Out Boards. Jackmarks test tables are modular units that have a unique pneumatic control system which enables great savings to be made compared to all other systems, each table module can be populated with slot in test tiles, Jackmarks unique design of test tiles allow rapid economic trouble free testing of harnesses. The unique interlocking retention system* overcomes problems encountered when push back testing and offers the possibility to push-back test assemblies previously considered impractical. The test tiles can generate sufficient force to push-back test fuse boxes requiring over 500Kg force.

Typical applications within wiring harness production are:

To enquire

For further information please use the enquiry form on the home page. For a quotation please send samples of complete connectors fully fitted with terminals and 100mm wire tails, please remember to attach a part number to each connector sample and include your contact details.


FMEA- Failure mode and Effect Analysis a structured design/process evaluation method see

Poka Yoke- Mistake proofing see

Sprung Pins- Spring loaded contacts see

Push back- Shown in our home page, test contacts contacting a switch are applied to latched terminals, spring forces in the order of 1Kg apply sufficient force to move an unlatched terminal thus identifying incorrectly assembled connectors.

Vacuum system- In order to detect if all bungs are present in the rear of a connector that is designed to be a sealed assembly with its mating half in the vehicle a very low vacuum is applied any missing bungs will allow air to pass and reduce the vacuum to a level detected as a fail condition.

Unique interlocking retention system- Jackmark uses a system to lock all modules to a datum position when under test in a test tile, the advantage accurate detection of the terminal positions during the Push Back Process.

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